Smoked Trout Wholesaler

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Charlie's Trout is currently on sale in a selection of farm shops & delicatessens. If you're interested in becoming a stockist or have an enquiry, please contact us.


As well as being able to buy Charlie's Trout via our shop online and via food fairs and farmers markets, you can find it in many fabulous farm shops and food shops across Wiltshire, Sussex, London and beyond.

All our fish are raised in fast flowing water from Wiltshire’s world famous Wiltshire Avon. We work with a well established and sustainable farm on the historic Longford Estate. The farm has a well earned reputation for excellence and maintains the very highest industry standards.

The fish are smoked for us at a small family run smokery using only the finest Wiltshire green oak and over 35 years of knowledge and skill. The smokehouse is approved by SALSA. If you fancy finding out more about Charlie's Trout, why not get in touch?

Ps. Thanks to 'The Hungry Guest' for the lovely photo of their shop.